San Geronimo Valley Planning Group

Can you love something to death? That’s the danger Roy’s Redwoods was facing when One Tam got involved. 

The redwood understory vegetation has been severely trampled and denuded by a spider web of informal trails. Informal trail use also contributed to soil compaction and erosion along creek channels, and compromised the natural hydrologic processes of the alluvial flood plain and, ultimately, the resiliency of the redwood forest. 

Many people want to see Roy’s Redwoods restored, thereby protecting the many special-status species that call this grove home, including the Northern Spotted Owl. To better understand what makes Roy’s Redwoods special to the community, and the environmental challenges facing the preserve, One Tam conducted a comprehensive analysis of the site to establish restoration goals for the preserve. This analysis included:

•  Talking with San Geronimo Valley community members

•  Gathering expert knowledge of the site’s history and ecosystem

•  Conducting a hydrologic assessment

•  Conducting vegetation and wildlife assessments

•  Completing a thorough review of existing literature and data on the site 

•  Hosting community science events to document the biodiversity of the preserve

During the conceptual design phase, the One Tam team began developing a project that would enhance the health of Roy’s Redwoods while improving visitor experience. Specifically, they explored opportunities to slow, spread, and sink water to improve forest health, and guide visitors through an immersive and accessible experience of the redwoods. This project has continued to take shape with the collaborative input of restoration planners, environmental scientists, landscape architects, trail construction experts, community members, and agencies with environmental regulatory authority.

Read the latest: Revised Initial Study/Mitigated Negative Declation, June 2, 2023. (Jump to page 15 for more specific details about the project.)

Read the Design Summary here.

Download the Final Schematic Design here.

Watch a presentation (5/2/22) by Jon Campo and Robb LaPorte on  restoration plans for Roy's Redwoods,