San Geronimo Valley Planning Group

The Planning Group was in contact in early 2022 with PG&E regarding inappropriate tree trimming, including unauthorized tree cutting, on private property in the San Geronimo Valley.

As of August 31, 2022, PG&E sent us the following statement:

"To help the customer /constituents with their concerns and complaints, they must first contact PG&E’s Tree Safety phone or email:  800-564-5080 .  They will receive a response from our dedicated vegetation Outreach Specialists within 48 hours of the phone call or email."   

NOTE:  PG&E is required to have permission from the property owner prior to doing any cutting. According to Supervisor Rodoni's office, if contractors are unable to show they have the landowner's permission or you have reason to believe that the property is actually owned by another entity,  call the PG&E tree safety line immediately and demand that contractors cease and desist until they can prove who the actual landowner is and that the necessary permission has been obtained.)  


"The Harmful Effects of PG&E's Tree Removal Practices and Recommended Alternatives to Prevent Utility Wildfires"

A white paper written by Sierra Club California's Utility Wildfire Prevention Taskforce.

Utility Wildfire Working Group

This website explains the causes of wildfires started by electric power utilities and discusses solutions to these problems. (The group was instrumental in thwarting the passage of SB 396.)

Other Resources

Regarding SB 396, a bill introduced in the spring of 2022 in the California Senate that would have given PG&E the right to cut down almost any tree anywhere at any time with no recourse and no oversight. The bill was strongly opposed by our local senator, Mike McGuire. On September 1, 2022, his office issued the following statement:

"SB 396 was moved to the inactive file. Because the bill is ineligible to be heard past midnight, the bill has effectively died. It will not become California law."

While this is a big win, it is essential that folks stay vigilant. It does NOT keep PG&E contractors from removing trees. It DOES maintain the requirement for workers to obtain permission from the landowner before doing any tree clearing on private property.

Be aware of any markings or ribbons that have been placed on trees on your property and immediately contact PG&E's Tree Safety if you have questions or concerns.

As Senator McGuire observed, "We all know that vegetation management helps prevent wildland utility-caused firestorms, but giving PG&E and their contractors free rein is out of the question."