San Geronimo Valley Planning Group

Receive emergency updates for your neighborhood by subscribing to  This free service from the Marin County Sheriff’s Department will send messages and texts to cell phones and landlines that use the internet (VOIP).


In a firestorm where there are only minutes to spare, it’s important to have up-to-date information to help make life-saving decisions.  To get started, click HERE and follow these directions:

     • First, read the terms, then go to the bottom of the page, and click the “YES, I AFFIRM” box, on the left. 

• This will open a new page. Click “Sign Up” in the gray bar at the top right.

• This will open the “Sign Up” page. Create a case-sensitive Username.  Then enter your first and last name, create a password and a security question, and register your email address.  Accept the terms of use by clicking on the box, then click on “Create Your Account.”

• This will open another new page, where you can enter your phone numbers and address.


This is a different system than Nixle, another local emergency alert system.  You can get Nixle alerts on your cell phone by texting your zip code to 888777.  Nixle alerts are very handy for Valley residents when White’s Hill is closed due to an emergency.


If you have to evacuate your home immediately at 2am, it will be too late to sign up.  Communication is your best defense for surviving a wild fire.  Stay informed with the latest updates and stay safe.  You owe it to yourself, your family, your neighbors and your community.

Create a Wildfire Evacuation Checklist. Write down the most important easy-to-carry items to be taken with you, including important documents, clothing, medications, computer files, your disaster supply kit, and heirlooms.

Evacuation Routes. Do your part to keep your roads, driveways etc. clear of overhanging vegetation, parked vehicles, trailers, and stuff that blocks or constricts access and egress. Know all the potential paved roads to get out of your neighborhood. Have a plan of where you might go if evacuated, to a friend’s house, another town, etc. Make sure your family knows the plan.  Do not try to escape on unpaved roads. Remember, fire trucks will not enter your neighborhood until the evacuation is complete, so don’t dawdle! 

Defensible Space prevents a wildland fire from spreading to a house structure, and a house fire from spreading into the wildlands. It should be at least 100’ from the house or to the property line, whichever is closer. The first 30’ should be kept very clean, green, and non-flammable, with a focus on dead and overgrown vegetation, branches, leaves, grass, weeds etc. Tree branches should be no lower than 10’ above ground. Flammable plants such as pampas grass, juniper, and bamboo should not be within 30’ of the house.  

Harden Your Home. Replace building vents with ones listed “State Fire Marshal Office Approved” and 1/8” inch - or less - mesh. Some brands include Vulcan, which is available at most hardware stores. These vents keep hot embers out of your attic and basement. Keep roof and gutters cleaned off. Use fire-resistant building materials when replacing roofs. siding, etc. Keep car windows rolled up since embers will set the upholstery on fire. 

Other resources

FIRE SAFE MARIN. For information on fire-proofing your property.  You can learn about the three levels of defensible space for your home and fire safe building materials.  There is also a lengthy Wildfire Evacuation guide.

READY MARIN. A good source for information regarding planning and preparing for disasters in general.  Call 415-485-3131 to sign up for a class that will show you how to prepare your family for a disaster and how to survive for 5 to 7 days on your own.

CAL FIRE. Cal Fire is the state fire department. They also have a lot of prevention and preparation information for people living in fire-prone areas. 

MARIN COUNTY PARKS ( If you live adjacent to public open space, you may mow grass or other annual plants within 100’ of your home without a permit. To apply for a permit to remove bushes and trees, call 415-473-2818. 

VERG (The San Geronimo Valley Emergency Readiness Group) is a local community organization preparing for disasters, including maintaining our emergency equipment trailers. Contact Jim Fazackerly at for meeting information. 

West Marin Compost. Dispose of your green waste at 5575 Nicasio Valley Road, Nicasio. Open Mon-Sat, 7:00a – 3:00p. Call 415-662-9849. Drop-off fee for green material is $30/cubic yard.