Planning Group Seeks to Test Lagunitas Creek Watershed

Two rounds of water quality testing have been completed in the Planning Group’s year-long water quality testing project. We plan to analyze water quality two more times this year, once in the spring and once in the summer.

To that end we will be working with Lawrence Berkeley Labs using their PhyloChip technology. The PhyloChip is capable of identifying over 60,000 different bacteria and the findings will be most interesting. Where are the water contaminants coming from? Cows, horses, deer, dogs, birds, humans, or all of the above, and in what quantities? When the testing is done we will all know.

Future Waters of Lagunitas Creek

The first tests were done in January and included 3 samples in the Woodacre and San Geronimo areas. In February, we began testing from 13 samples taken along Woodacre and San Geronimo Creeks. Our goal is to not only understand water quality in the area of the proposed Woodacre San Geronimo Flats project but to understand water quality in the entire watershed of the San Geronimo Valley. We hope to have the preliminary results in the next few weeks.

Additionally, at our request, Marin Municipal Water District has agreed to test our samples for e-coli for comparison with the PhyloChip results. Once again a heartfelt thanks go to the District for playing such an important role in our water-quality testing project!

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