Woodacre Proposed Sewage Plant

There is an important meetings that you probably haven’t heard about!

If you live in the service area for the proposed Woodacre/San Geronimo Flats sewer project you recently received notice of two important upcoming meetings. If you live outside this area you received no notice at all.

The meeting is the Environmental Impact Report (EIR) Scoping Session scheduled for April 18th, 6:00PM in the Multipurpose Room at Lagunitas School.

The notices were mailed in the last week of February. In reviewing them it became apparent the Community would not have an adequate amount of time to prepare for either meeting.

The Planning Group vigorously protested the lack of adequate notice for both. The draft feasibility study, written by professional engineers, will require time for the community and the Planning Group to review.

The Scoping Session is the meeting where concerns about potentially significant issues concerning the EIR are identified. Notification must go to public agencies and to the public.

Fortunately the County was receptive to our concerns and has agreed to make several changes.

The draft feasibility meeting will still be held at the same time and place. However the County will meet again with interested Community members in the first week of April to further discuss the study if more information is needed. The draft feasibility can be viewed at,


The second meeting, the Scoping Session, has been scheduled on April 18th at 6 PM. Because of the lack of notice, the County has agreed to accept scoping comments on the EIR until May 1st.


Tuesday, March 21st, Multipurpose Room Lagunitas School, 7:00PM – draft feasibility study

Tuesday, April 18th, Multipurpose Room Lagunitas School, 6:00PM–Scoping Session for EIR

If you have any questions about the meeting, please contact Lorene Jackson at lajackson@marincounty.org or call her at (415) 473-7146.


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