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The Planning Group is involved in a number of important ongoing projects. The following are just a few of those that need community involvement and support.

Slowing Development


​An Industrial sewage treatment plant is being proposed for 300 or so homes in Woodacre. The plant is sited at the San Geronimo Golf Course and is currently in the Environmental Impact Report phase. The "Woodacre Flats" are the 400 or so properties sitting in the bottom of the Woodacre bowl in between Redwood and Central. Some of these properties have experienced difficulties with their older septic systems. In most cases this issue can be dealt with by installing filtration at the problem properties. The Planning Group is very concerned about the scope of this project and about its effects on community character.

Water Contaminant Testing

Two rounds of water quality testing have been completed in the Planning Group’s year-long water quality testing project. We plan to analyze water quality two more times this year, once in the spring and once in the summer. 


To that end we will be working with Lawrence Berkeley Labs using their PhyloChip technology. The PhyloChip is capable of identifying over 60,000 different bacteria and the findings will be most interesting. Where are the water contaminants coming from? Cows, horses, deer, dogs, birds, humans, or all of the above, and in what quantities? When the testing is done we will have a clearer understanding of our watershed. 

Intern Program

Our intention with this program is to promote Valley youth’s interest and connection in nature and understanding of the importance of biological diversity and the protection of natural resources.  Specific results include developing a student’s personal pride in accomplishment and connection with native species of the lands where they have grown up.  We also hope to foster student’s leadership abilities in any of several areas- demonstration to peers of the possible gains through personal commitment, interaction with younger students teaching skills learned over time, providing a frame work for future activism on the part of Nature.

Our Current Projects