San Geronimo Valley Planning Group

If you're bothered by rats (or mice) making themselves at home in your home, you're not alone.

While a few of the interlopers may be our native dusky-footed woodrat, most of the unwanted guests are Norway rats, whose forebears likely hitched a ride in a sailing ship more than a hundred years ago.

These rodents are very smart, very adaptable and can fit through an opening the size of a quarter. You can try trapping them yourself, and you might catch one or two, but unless you only have a few to begin with, word spreads quickly and the rest of the horde will steer clear of the traps (but not your house).

So, in the interest of public service, we've compiled a list of rat catchers others in the Valley have recommended. (The Planning Group is not making endorsements; do your own research to determine which service - if any - is best for your particular situation and budget.)


Rat Catcher Referrals

Ryland the Ratcatcher: 415-532-6379l;

Francois Saint Gassies: 415-454-8527

Jim Paine of Clean and Green Critter Solutions: 707-867-7071


Siegs Abatement: 707-762-7271

WeCare Pest Solutions: 707-573-5899

Matt Pieri:  415-716-7845

Caitlin and Tyler, Tamalpais Rodent: 415-259-7434

The Hitmen, now part of Western Exterminators: 866-852-0169

Aaron Ambrose Services: 707-774-2292

All Access Cleanup (owner, Ian): 707-758-7955

Note:  Marin Mosquito Abatement Control will come out for free to assess rodent problems.